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When most people think about retirement, they ask “When can I retire?”, or How much money will I need?

They imagine leaving a job, dropping out of the rat race and turning their back on the pressures of employment.

Retirement can be the time when you realize your potential and accomplish significant goals previously delayed by the responsibilities of working and raising a family.

Successful retirees recognize the need to plan. They evaluate what’s important to them and construct actions to satisfy their needs and wants.  By creating a vision of a realistic retirement and building an action plan to achieve it, they are proactively and energetically seeking results.

RA Retirement Advisors helps you enter one of the most exciting and challenging stages of life.  Whether you read Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It!, attend a Retire Right! workshop or experience our one-on-one coaching, take the first step towards planning and achieving the retirement of your dreams.

The Book

Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It!  is an indepth personal guide for enhancing your life after work. This easy-to-read book is engaging, informative and full of useful tips, true-life stories and self-completing exercises designed to stimulate you when building a dynamic retirement plan.

iPhone & iPad App

This is more than just a book on your iPad or iPhone – it’s *your* book. Don’t Just Retire! is full of exercises and worksheets to help you plan your retirement, and all of them can be filled out directly on your device. The budgeting worksheets will even do the math for you.

Retirement Coaching

Having a coach enables you to accelerate your progress by promoting greater clarity, focus and awareness along with broadening the possibilities that lead to effective retirement choices and action.

The First Step Workshops

Our Retire Right Workshops are for people currently considering or planning for retirement as well as those who are recently retired. Each session is an insightful and entertaining way to learn about and prepare for a fulfilling and successful retirement.